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Rooms And Categories

Although custom chat rooms and instances can be created dynamically by any user at any time, we still offer some default rooms and categories to help chatters to find each other through shared common interests.

Below are a collection of rooms with various categories you can choose from. However, if you are looking for the general - any topic - chat lobby then the main chat page will take you there Chat.QuickSnapChat.Com.

Generating Private Custom Chat Instances

If you are looking to create a private custom chat to share with a friend or a small group of friends, then you can simply click on the "Generate Chat" button below.

Copy and share the generated URL with your friend(s) and click on the "Open Chat" link to open your custom chat instance.

QuickSnap Chat

QuickSnap Chat provides a real time, online chat service. You can either create private chat instances, allowing for uploading and sharing images, webcam snapshots, videos and music with friends and family. Or, enter the main public chat instance and chat with new people from all over the world.

Fully Responsive

Our site and chat application is using the latest technology to give you a fully responsive layout. So whether you prefer using a desktop, tablet or a mobile device the chat application will adjust to fit your needs. For a perfect visual experience you can also edit your viewport setting within the chat's settings panel.

Free From Ads

Our chat application does not display advertisements or inject advertisements into the chat itself. Neither do we permit advertising or spamming into the chat. So you are free to enjoy an ad-free chatting experience all the time with your friends and family or while making new friends. Regardless of whether you are a member or not.

Highly Customisable

One very important factor that we have focused on heavily within our chat application, is providing our chatters with the ability to simply customise many aspects of the chat for a more unique personalised look and feel.

No Registration Required

Although there are a handful of benefits attached to registering an account, it is completely optional and you are not required to sign up or sign in. This chat was originally created without a sign up membership option, which means that it has always been fully functional and perfectly usable as a no registration chat site.

Add The Chat To My Website

We welcome you to add our chat application to your own websites as a chat plugin. View our chat code generation section with in the chat itself (under options) to help you customise your chat plugin and generate the required HTML source code to enter into your website.

Free Chat

Our chat site has always been and will always be completely free to use. Whether you wish to use it as an anonymous user or as a free member. Although we now offer a paid membership option which provides a few extended benefits.

Chat Features

Emojis And Multi-Language

Our chat supports UTF-8 Characters, giving you full support for multiple languages and Emojis. So whether you want to say it with words in any language or symbolically with emojis, you are free to choose 😀.


Our chat application has built-in file uploading functionality and a webcam tool for taking snapshots, allowing you to quickly upload and and share files or live images from your camera instantly.

Videos And Music

With our chat application's built-in video player and mp3 player you can share videos and music easier than ever. Simply post any Youtube video link or mp3 file link and play the media directly within the chat.

Gif Searching

Need an animated Gif image to illustrate something that is hard to put into words ? Our chat application has a quick and very easy to use GIF image searching tool that can help you to do just that.

QuickSnap Chat Screen Shots

Membership Options

Becoming a chat member is completely optional. However, if you choose to become a member, you will have access to a handful of benefits that are not available to non-members.

Some examples of those benefits are:

  • Non-member's uploaded files will automatically expire and delete from our servers over time. Whereas a member's uploaded file will only delete when or if the member chooses to delete it.
  • Members can send, receive and store offline messages to and from other members.
  • If you would like to help us to moderator the chat then it is required that you are a chat member.
  • Members can manage their created rooms and users in those rooms, on the main chat instance and on their personally created custom chat instances

We offer two types of chat memberships, Free and Pro. For the majority of users the Free Membership option will be perfectly fine. However, we like to cater for those that may require additional resources which are offered with a Pro Membership. These extra resources and extra usages unfortunately come at a cost, but we have tried to keep this extra cost to a bare minimum.

Note that this additional cost applied to Pro Membership is largely dictated by the hosting companies we use and the number of Pro Members we have each year. Therefore we will attempted to adjust (hopefully reduce) this cost for every Pro Member, yearly.

Free Membership


Per Year (Annum)

  • 15MB Max File Upload Size
  • 3GB Max Upload File Storage
  • 150 Stored Messages
  • Save And Store 15 Custom Alias Tags Server-Side
  • Save Youtube Videos And Store 90 Created Video Playlists
  • Save And Store 600 Snapshots With Or Without Webcam Filters

Click the sign in icon in chat to sign up.

Pro Membership


Per Year (Annum)

  • 100MB Max File Upload Size
  • 20GB Max Upload File Storage
  • 600 Stored Messages
  • Save And Store 60 Custom Alias Tags Server-Side
  • Save Youtube Videos And Store 360 Created Video Playlists
  • Save And Store 3,000 Snapshots With Or Without Webcam Filters
  • Issued 3 custom chat instances for adding a chat to your own website(s). With a full management tool set. Read more...

Click the sign in icon in chat to sign up.

Pro Member Admin Tools

If you are looking to add a chat to your own website and manage possible troublesome users, then a Pro Membership Account is your ideal option. We will provide advanced administration tools on your own custom chat instances that will allow you to ban your users, issue time-outs, disable users or restrict a user's image posting privileges, just to mention a few of the tools available.